Flying W Commemorative Shirt

Flying W Ranch Commemorative Shirt

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To commemorate the loss of the Flying W Ranch on Tuesday, June 26th 2012. T-Shirt includes the world renowned Flying W brand on the front of the shirt and a poem entitled, "Sweet Canyon Arms" written by Matt Cockroft on the back. The shirt comes in M, L, XL and your choice of White or Black. 

Sweet Canyon Arms

By Matt Cockroft


Cradled in sweet canyon arms amongst the hills of green,

Cattle graze and ponies playing, through mountain sunsets gleam.


From hillside pastures grew a ranch, where love would find its stand,

And in God's sight this place would grow, built by a rancher’s hand.


Its walls of red and weathered rock vault from the earth so high,

Find peace to know you’re sheltered 'midst a Colorado sky.


This ranch awaits your welcome, your family, your friends,

This piece of Heaven waits for you, just at Chuckwagon’s end.


Soon supper bells would make it known for all to come and eat,

Tin plate in hand and biscuits hot, kick back and rest your feet.


Through aspen groves, off canyon walls, pure harmonies would ring,

And oh my soul was lifted, to hear those Wranglers sing.


Sixty years amongst the pines, and shielded from all harms,

Brought sixty years of blessings, within sweet canyon arms.


Until one night of summer winds, brought Waldo down the range,

And laid to rest upon the ranch, forever bringing change.


Amongst the ash new life will grow, and Grace will fill the day,

When cowboys lift their voices, and we see those ponies play.


For now our hearts reflect upon, the times of joy we shared,

From beef and beans to western scenes, where laughter filled the air.


From wedding days to cowboy church, I was there at every chance,

With blessings of sweet memories, the Flying W Ranch.